About Lombardo Firm

Lombardo Srl. is a company with a high level of experience, gained from over twenty years in the food distribution sector, with the sole aim of satisfying the needs of food and cuisine industry with the optimum distribution service.
Throughout its territory Lombard Srl. has established an extensive distribution network of spices and other quality aromas thanks to the commitment of its employees who are able to coordinate not only the transport and distribution but also in taking great care with receiving and servicing orders.
Today the Lombard Srl. company wants to penetrate the market with its “CondiAroma” CondiAroma branded products (E.U. registered trademark) and with the Il Meglio a Tavola brand (registered in Italy) with the ambitious aim of offering the consumer products made with one eye on authenticity and the other on regional culinary traditions. A further aspiration is to promote and raise awareness of typical Calabrian products through a virtual shop, online, thus enabling a more extensive range products linked to the region. Spearheading all the new products is “his majesty” the chilli, 100% cultivated and produced in Calabria with short-chain traceability, followed closely by “her grace” the red onion of Tropea, Calabria I.G.P. Then we have the kitchen aromatics such as rosemary, laurel and sage, the CondiAroma seasonings, herbs, spices and, finally, all the other spices from around the world.