Our Chili Pepper

Chilli short chain

” Me li cucco’s chilli 100% grown and
produced in Calabria ”

The Chilli 100% Me li cucco, is produced by Lombardo s.r.l. and it is cultivated in the province of Reggio Calabria, South Italy.


We use the cultivations of the pepper plants that belong to the Capsicum Annum species: Cultivar True Cayenne (very hot pepper) and Cultivar autochthonous plants Casalese/Casalino (medium hot pepper and sweet pepper).

When the peppers got their spontaneous maturation (we underline the fact that it happens slowly, because their fruits do not mature at the same time) on their plants in the fields that are exposed to the sun in Piana of Gioia Tauro, where the chillies are hand picked and delivered to our factory in Melicucco, in Contrada San Fili 32. The process happens in 3-6 hours from the harvest. The process happens in 3-6 hours from the harvest.

When they arrive , peppers are handmade washed many times in steel inox tubs and they are well dried. After taking off their stems, always handmade, they are put in a steel inox machine, that has got rotating disk that vertically cuts the peppers for all them lenght; we use this kind of cut in order to short the drying in the sun time. Soon after the peppers are selected singularly, always handmade, and they are put on a pvc holed base for food.

At the end the peppers are disposed in a machine that let pass dehumidified and cold air. In this way they get dried very slowly (30/35 C Max) assuring the preservation of all their properties After about 24/48 H they stay in this machine (depending on the size of the pepper) when they are completely become cold, they are packed. The whole pepper is the first to be packed because it is ready. The pepper, that has to be cut, is smashed ( depending on the desired size) and finally the little pieces of pepper are ground in the mill, considering the wanted size.